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Dynamic Website Designing

Website Designing Services is basically of two types:- Static and Dynamic. A static website is designed using simple HTML while dynamic website is designed and developed using a server-side scripting language like PHP, JSP, ASP along with using database or XML files for storing the content etc. Dynamic website is an advance form of website and a designer along with a programmer would be needed to design and develop it. A dynamic website is preferred when a website has huge content to display or requires frequent changes.

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Advantages of Dynamic Website

  • The main advantage of dynamic website services is that the owner of website can update the website content as and when required without having any knowledge of HTML or programming language. A dynamic website has a content management system which is connected with the database for storing information. In fact the main objective of dynamic website is to offer the ability to the owner to make the changes as per their needs and requirements.

  • If a business enterprise has a large number of products or services under various categories which may require frequent addition or changes then there can be nothing better than a dynamic website. A static website is not even an option in such a scenario.

  • A static website may be preferred for a small website, say 10-15 pages, but when the pages exceed that it would be difficult to manage the website and inconsistency, broken links etc. would start developing.

  • One does not require to use a FTP software to make changes in the website which can be done through CMS in a matter of seconds. While in case of static website, not only FTP software would be required, but the changes have to made in the pages and then uploaded on the server which would be a time consuming process.

  • Creating a new page and linking it with other pages in a static website would be a lot of work and would consume many man hours while in case of a dynamic website, it would be a matter of seconds. In a dynamic website, the owner can create unlimited pages and manage them very easily.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Website

  • Among disadvantages of dynamic website includes the high cost of website designing and development company as compared to a static website. But if the number of pages is high then the cost of designing, developing and maintaining a static website would turn out to be higher.

  • Also in a dynamic website the website design would be standard along all the pages and there would be lesser scope for creative art in the web pages.

  • A dynamic website would use more resources and services of the hosting server as compared to static website since the dynamic website is developed using a server side scripting language and also a database is involved to store and retrieve information. On the other hand, static website uses minimum server resources.


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