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Mobile Website Designing

Mobile website refers to the different version of a regular website specifically for the small screen size devices like smart phones, tablets and other touch-screen devices. For desktop/laptops and other bigger screen size devices, there would be a regular version of website while for small screens there would be mobile website. When a user types or clicks the URL of the website, it would detect the screen size and would automatically open the desired version.

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Mobile Website Vs Mobile App

A Mobile Website is different from a Mobile App although both of them serves the same purpose. A mobile app is an application which needs to be downloaded and installed from app marketplace like App Store or Google Play Store. A Mobile app may look and perform more or less task or services.

Responsive Website Vs Mobile Website

A mobile website is also different from a responsive website. A responsive website is just one website which serves devices of all screen sizes including mobile, tablets, desktop, laptop etc. while mobile website is a different version of a regular website specifically designed for the small screens like mobiles and tablets and other touch-screen devices.

We are a Noida (Delhi NCR) based digital marketing company having an experienced team offering mobile designing as well as responsive web design services apart from web development and eCommerce website development in Noida, Delhi and all over India. We also offer solutions for the web hosting services requirements of any kind.

Advantages of Mobile Website

  • Mobile Website definitely provides a better user experience as compared to responsive website designing as there are many advance features which are available only in mobile website but not in a responsive one.

  • Many are of the opinion that responsive website is more popular only because of it being cost effective and if budget is not a constraint, most would prefer a separate version of mobile website for small screens and touch-screens.

  • Users habits and needs on a smart phone is different as compared to laptops/desktops. While a long article on a subject or information about a product or services may be fine for a user viewing on a desktop but on a mobile the user appreciate a shorter and a more precise article or information.

    Similarly, a responsive website has to compromise on designing services and creativity takes a back seat as the focus entirely shifts to making sure that the website fits and looks good on all the devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. This will not be the case if a different version of a website is created for the smaller screens which can be designed as per the needs and habits of a user on a small screen

  • A separate mobile website for the smart phones and tablets would definitely save a lot of bandwidth as the images can be optimized for the small screen sizes and the user would also have a better experience.


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