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Responsive Website Designing

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, the website designing field has gone through a complete transformation. Earlier the web designers had the complete freedom to use their creativity in any way they wished as they were not bothered with different resolutions or screen sizes of the devices as they only designed for desktop/laptops. Now with smart phones, tables and desktop/laptops with different screen sizes, resolutions, web browsers (also of different versions), operating systems, the focus is on making sure that the website is compatible with all the devices. Now a days, web designing is not just a creative and art work but an intelligent one also.

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Responsive website has become the standard of web design field these days as they fit and look good on all the devices with different sizes and resolutions. The proper and intelligent use of CSS is even more important with responsive website. If one see a responsive website on mobile or tablet or laptop, it would automatically accommodate itself according to the screen size, resolution. The responsive website has eliminated the need for having different versions of website for different devices particularly mobile website designing. Even google has also recommended responsive website as the preferred form of website.As the number of smart phones and tablets increases, so does the need for responsive web design.

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Responsive Website Vs Mobile Website

A responsive website is different from a mobile website. A responsive website is just one website which serves devices of all screen sizes and resolution including mobile, tablets, desktop, laptop etc. while mobile website is a different version of a regular website specifically designed for the small screens like mobiles and tablets and other touch-screen devices.

Advantages of Responsive Website Designing

Responsive web design offers many advantages over mobile website and some of the important ones are given below:

Cost Effective

If one opts for a separate website for smart mobile/tablets and desktop/laptops, it would increase the cost of creating and maintaining the website. Two websites would definitely cost more than one website. For most maintaining two websites may not be affordable and hence responsive website has already become the standard.

Saves Time

Creating two separate websites would also involve developing content and doing maintenance for both of them. This may not be an option even for those who can afford both responsive and mobile website as it would consume lot of time updating design and content on both on them. So having a single responsive website is the most chosen option.

Good SEO

Google has recommended that it prefers responsive website. If SEO is an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy, then one must opt for mobile-friendly responsive website over mobile website. Having two website would mean two separate URLs and content in both of them would definitely create confusion and hence may not achieve top positions on search engine.


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