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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process and technique of improving the ranking of your company's website on search engines and generate quality leads and increase sales. On the other hand, Social Media Optimization or SMO involves tools and techniques to improve the visibility of a company on social media platforms including social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram as well as blogs, forums etc. SMO is also a good way of brand promotion and creating awareness about new product launches, developing trust with potential customers, feedback from existing customers and gradually leading to improved response time from company towards its customers. Just as in case of SEO, SMO would eventually lead to more inquiries and increase sales. Both SEO and SMO are important part of overall Digital Marketing Strategy of a company and with passage of every single day, the share of digital marketing is only on the way upwards.

Although SEO is more popular among the small and medium enterprises or SMEs in India but SMO is gradually being adopted by more and more company to not only generate quality leads but also to boost their brand and products among the masses. Also the SMEs are taking note that people are spending more time on social media networks than on search engines and a potential customer can get a better idea about a company and its performance and products and services through social media portals by simply checking the feedback from existing clients.

Most of the Digital Marketing tools and techniques are economical as compared to other form of advertisements like print media, electronic media etc. Same is the case with SEO and SMO Both SEO and SMO can do wonders to the future of a company if done properly and so selecting a right company, which is experienced and technically sound, to provide both SEO and SMO services is very important.

Both SEO and SMO have some unique and envious advantages as compared to other forms of business promotion. Some of them are given below:-
  • Both SEO and SMO are the most economical form of advertisement having lowest client acquisition cost.

  • Both are interactive, measurable and can be targeted.

  • SEO and SMO has no boundaries and has the widest reach. If a company is looking for promotional activities throughout India or other countries, only SEO or SMO or both can achieve this.

  • SEO and SMO are 24x7 store for a company operating throughout the world.

  • The leads received from SEO and SMO are of higher quality as compared to other forms of business advertisement because here the potential customer is searching for you and finds you on search engines or social media platform and sends your inquiry after viewing your products, feedback, reviews etc. So, there is very high probability of inquiries received from SEO or SMO converting into a customer.



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