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Tips for Website Designing

After the smart phones became popular and ubiquitous throughout world, the website designing area has undergone a huge change. Before the advent of smart phone, the focus of web designers were mainly on creativity and presentation and they have a static screen size to take care of as they were designing only for desktop or laptop. But after the smart phones and tablets with different screen sizes became popular the website designing company has to ensure that the website fits well on all the devices with different screen sizes and resolution. Now website designing is not only a creative and art work but also an intelligent and smart job.

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Some Tips for website designing

  • Throughout the world more and more people are viewing website on their mobile and the trend is only going upwards. So now web designers have to now design a website keeping mobile as priority and desktop/laptop as secondary. So a website designing company follow the principle of Mobile First.

  • To design a mobile friendly website, one has two choice. To go for responsive website designing or a mobile website. Worldwide, responsive website is way ahead of mobile site because of many advantages of responsive website. However, mobile website also offers many advantages and it is upto the owner to decide based upon various parameters.

  • Images in a website consume the maximum bandwidth and slows down a website. The web designers should ensure that all the images used are optimized so that website does not take much time to load.

  • As soon as a user logs in a website, the person should immediately make out what the website is for. The images and content used in the screen which is visible to the user should be properly and correctly used sot that the person know what one is trying to sell or give information for.

  • One of the main purposes of website development is to generate inquiries from potential customers. So a simple 'Inquiry Form' with minimum text fields (name, mobile, email, inquiry details) should be developed and all the pages should have a link pointing to it prominently.

  • If a client is also opting for SEO of the website, then a SEO - friendly website should be designed and developed. We would come out with a separate page for tip for designing SEO friendly website in the near future.

  • Content is the most important part of a website as the content will keep a potential customer engaged with the website and it would decide whether the clients sends an inquiry or not. So one must ensure that the website has the right content and should hire a professional content writer for the job.

  • The website should be linked with various social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. The social media links would give the user a better idea about the company and would also provide a host of resources on social media which would help the customer take decisions quickly.

  • There are basically two types of website; dynamic and static website. A static website is simple and developed using HTML and Java Script while a dynamic website is advance and is developed using a programming language like PHP, ASP, JAVA etc. and also using a database for storing information and dynamically generate a web page. While a static website is preferred for a small website, say 10-20 pages while for a bigger website dynamic is the only choice. In a dynamic website, pages and links are better manager and there is a consistency throughout the website.


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